Mobile phones, 32 years of Apple, 21% market share for Apple, Adobe releasing 64-bit apps, AT&T and Verizon to go LTE with 700 MHz, Windows 7 compatibility layer? Plus our “useful items” and picks of the week!

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Mobile Phones

iClones: It’s not about the hardware, it’s about the stupid software …somehow the iPhone is getting lumped into the “hardware” crowd with its “touchscreen” and “megapixels.” Need I remind that the touchscreen is a far cry from unique and the iPhone sports only a 2 megapixel camera – certainly nothing to boast about. I consider the iPhone’s strength to be its software so this Wired article leaves me feeling a little cold. -Ben [via Wired]

Update on Tim’s HTC Mogul: He’s still loving it when it works.

Samsung Instinct: “At least, a decent iPhone competitor” praised for it’s “haptic feedback” and three “hard navigation keys” also “rocks EV-DO Rev A and GPS” which “bests what’s in the fruit phone” – comes with Sprint variations of Apple software including…wait for it… the Sprint Music Store, which I’m sure is not far behind iTune’s #1 spot in US music sales … oh, and it has a “full HTML” browser … hmm… I’d like to see how that works compared to Mobile Safari as some tests have shown that pages tend to render slower on EV-DO phones running “full HTML” browsers than Apple’s MobileSafari running on Edge … plus the Instinct features more “iPhone like attributes” that make it damn awesome. Hmm, doesn’t it suck to always have to be compared to the iPhone? -Ben [via Gizmodo]

Windows Mobile 6.1 featuring ‘real web’ IE: I don’t even know what to say about this one. New interface centers around the “home screen” (wonder where they got this from) and the IE supports…wait for it…ZOOMING. Also some nice features are Flash Lite (I’m still not sold on needing Flash on a mobile, I really don’t miss it…), H.264 (hmm, what happened to WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO) and Silverlight enabled (for all those thousands of Silverlight sites out there) Some serious catchup being played here in most areas. -Ben [via Electronista]

32 Years, 32 Memorable Apple Products -Ben [via Ars Technica]

Some highlights:

  • Apple II – PC revolution starter, anyone?
  • Macintosh Portable – not “portable” by today’s standards but it’s the granddaddy of them all, even the petite MacBook Air
  • Bondi Blue iMac – What, no floppy drive? Just this new-fangled optical thing? And what’s with these USB ports? What do they DO?
  • G4 Cube – come on, it might’ve been a flop but it looks damn cool. Wouldn’t mind having one on my coffee table just to look at.
  • OS X – My favorite OS (besides Ubuntu Linux) and starting to really kick butt. It’s mature, easy to use, and SUPER powerful.
  • iTunes store – now the #1 music retailer, it revolutionized the music industry. What’s next for the store? Touch Apps, of course!
  • iMac Flat Panel – this started the flat panel revolution that defines the Mac lineup today
  • iPhone – see above … everything is compared to it … means it’s kind of the defacto standard despite the obvious shortcomings of version one.

Apple hits 21% consumer marketshare in US, 10% worldwide

An amazing feat, considering the one thing holding Apple back from more widespread adoption is the lack of “low end” products. But… low end has lower profit margins so Apple in my opinion is probably content to hover around 25-30% and bring home the cash, at least for now. -Ben [via MacNN]

Adobe Releases Lightroom 2.0 Beta, Photoshop to be 64-bit on WINDOWS ONLY

Lightroom is 64-bit on OS X now and is the first Adobe app to go 64-bit on the Apple platform. Why? It’s written on Cocoa which Apple is actively developing for 64-bit apps. Photoshop? Not so much. It’s written in Carbon which Apple has decided to NOT port to 64-bit. Therefore, Photoshop must be recoded from the ground-up to be 64-bit on OS X. We’ll have to wait until CS5 for that. -Ben [via MacWorld and]

More Mobile: Cell Networks to Go to LTE by 2012!?!

AT&T is planning to use its 700MHz win to roll out nation-wide LTE… it can go through walls easily and it’s real fast. Verizon will also be using its 700MHz spectrum to roll out LTE early in the next decade, marking a switch from CDMA technology (like EV-DO) to the worldwide GSM standard of which AT&T’s HSPA is a part and so is LTE (long term evolution). -Ben [via Engadget]

Windows 7 to support compatability layer, coming in 2009 (or 2010?)

This article suggests that Windows 7 will be such a radical departure that it will need a compatability layer similar to OS X’s classic environment for OS 9 apps … Hasn’t Windows done this before? Isn’t there an option to “run programs as Windows 95 or 98 or NT or XP” or whatever? Does it ever work in practice? To me the vast Windows user base is too DUMB to understand all this so it had better be foolproof or it could be the biggest blunder MS ever commits. That said, it NEEDS to be done. The code underlying Vista deep down is OLD and SLOW and needs to go. Calling all that up only when it’s need in a compatability layer is probably the best way to go. But will it work? -Ben [via Electronista]

Bill said that Windows 7 will come in the “next year or so” and everyone got excited and thought he meant 2009. But today Microsoft counters that claim and said that we should’ve focused more on “or so” and that 2010 will be the year of the Seven. Bill’s retired and crazy, that’s all. Of course we might see some public betas late next year but final release is still scheduled for June 2009. -Ben [via Engadget and Engadget]

Useful Items of the Week

Ben: Moodblast, a great little presence poster by Brett Terpstra of Circle Six Design. I use it every day, many times a day. I have it mapped to a key combo – Control-Option-Command-M. It’s great at picking out whatever I’m looking at, from URLs in Firefox, Safari, and Opera, to the Article title, URL, and source in NetNewsWire. Love posting things with MoodBlast to Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, and Tumblr. Also use it to set my status in Adium and Skype. Allows me to look at my second monitor even less.

Tim: Twobile Twitter prog for windows mobile 6 & IM+, Micro SD cards

Tips of the Week

Ben: My tip of the week comes from John Gruber of Daring Fireball … hover over any word in a COCOA application, press Control-Option-d, and boom – you have an instant inline definition from OS X’s builtin dictionary. Now if it only worked in Firefox…

Tim: Do not drop Micro SD cards. Careful installing apps onto ppcs and smartphones locked up my new htc touch today and was not a fun process to get it back to original form ask ben about the day he thought he bricked his iphone.

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